15 of the Best American Sports Cars

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When it comes to the debate over the best American sports cars, there are hundreds of questions to answer and ten times as many opinions. How do you judge an American sports car? Do you decide based solely on track performance, or is there a way to judge the effect a sports car had on entire generations of Americans?

Sure, there are tons of specs and real-world testing that prove which sports car barely edged out another for the fastest 0-60 time, quickest quarter mile, top speed – you name it. The question is, is the mere pace of a sports car the best way to judge whether an American sports car can truly be called “the best?”

The answer to that question is “no.” Americans may love speed, but this is the land of muscle cars and horsepower, and I challenge any American sports car enthusiast to say that the 1967 Shelby GT500 doesn’t make the best American sports car list because it isn’t faster than a Hennessey Venom F5.

The US has made some impressive sports cars over the years since the Model-T. It was immensely challenging to narrow down the extensive list of incredible machines built by American motor companies, but somehow we managed to get it to fifteen. If a sports car is included on this list, then it is indeed one of the best. Here are the best American sports cars of all time:

15. 1968 Oldsmobile 442 Hurst

Who knew an Oldsmobile would make the list, except anyone who has ever owned a 1968 Oldsmobile 442 Hurst? Hurst Performance partnered with Oldsmobile in 1968, and the union of the two automotive supergiants gave us the 1968 Oldsmobile 442 Hurst.

Hurst packed the 442 with a whopping 390 horsepower and enough torque to make a wrench blush. The 1968 Oldsmobile 442 Hurst was built with a Turbo Hydra-Matic 400 transmission which is considered one of the best transmissions ever made to this day.

The 442 marked up an impressive 5.5 second 0-60 and made the Hurst Olds 442 one of the most feared muscle cars on the road.

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