15 Tips for Night Street Photography | Stunning Low Light Photos

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There’s something about street photography that’s exciting. It’s the appeal of capturing that right moment. When you combine that with the mystery of night time photography, it’s no wonder night street photography is so popular.

But this is also one of the more challenging types of photography to get right. The reason for that is the lack of light, making photography more difficult.

This article is full of tips to make you succeed when you go out at night to take these photos. So read on if you want to get some great city street night photos.

15. What Equipment Do You Need

The majority of street photography at night will be handheld. You’re going to need a fast lens, and a camera body that performs well at high ISO.

Your kit lens won’t get the best result for night street photography. So what will?

Camera Body

The best camera body for city street night photography is one that performs best at a high ISO. It won’t leave your photos full of digital noise.

There are merits to each camera brand, and the lenses that go with them. This part is about personal preference. But here’s a guide on choosing the best camera for street photography.

Other camera body types are catching up fast. But for the best results using a full-frame DSLR is recommended. The more recent the model, the better.

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