Behind the Lens: 7 Off-the-Beaten Path Hikes Around Vancouver & Beyond

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Discover BC through the eyes of its locals and visitors. We’re featuring Vancouver-based photographer maxzedler. He’s sharing some of his favourite off-the-beaten-path hikes from Vancouver to Pemberton, along with tips aimed to help photographers capture that perfect BC shot.

“Lately I’ve been focusing more on finding lesser-known hikes that require a bit more effort. This is a shot up at Watersprite Lake in Squamish. It was a very cloudy day, but even though it was freezing cold, it was calm. This allowed me to capture a reflection of the peak mid-day, when usually reflection hunting is best done during the early morning.”

“After paddling about two kilometres in the rain, we hiked another kilometre or so to reach this lookout above Callaghan Lake in Whistler. Luckily, just as we set up to take some shots, the sun peeked out and the rain cleared. I was able to capture the bright light of the sun shining over the mountains as it began to creep towards the lake.”

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