The 10 Most Beautiful Places to Hike in the US

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If your inner wanderlust is calling you to seek greater heights, look to the trails that weave through the land of the free. From mountains to deserts to tropical forests, the following list has some of the best places to hike in the US.

Such peace comes from trading in your GPS app for trailblazers or a pair of Nikes for hiking boots. Looking down on the rest of the world from a mountain peak or getting lost in the trees can be a major stress reliever and a good workout, as well as a fun summer activity.

1. Appalachian Trail

This trail stretches across the entire east side of the country from Georgia to Maine. On average, anyone hiking the AT spends about three months backpacking over 2000 miles of mountainous terrain.

It’s definitely a right of passage for the pros, but for people like me, a day hike up Blood Mountain is still a brutal level five hike. Expect spectacular summit views and stone trails.

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