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While the base plot of Bastion is pretty simple – kid collecting crystals to power a life-saving device after the apocalypse – it’s how it was presented that made it special. While “the Kid” is silent, a narrator tells his story, as if you’re reading a storybook while playing it out. As you’ll see amongst this list, the true control over the story – the Kid has to make a few major choices that change the ending – is what makes this one special. The fact that there’s no “right” choice to make gives it all more weight, too.


Paul Dini had been writing the adventures of Batman for over two decades when Batman: Arkham Asylum came along, making him the perfect choice to finally give us a Batman game worthy of the Caped Crusader. His story is one that fits a certain Batman mold: the gauntlet of villains. That’s been used several times in the comics and other adaptations, but it keeps being used for a reason! Batman is so well-prepared, he has to take on a sequence of ever-increasing threats to have any real menace. As The Joker leads the inmates in running the Asylum, Batman uncovers a plot that brings his villains together, and forces him to team-up with some unexpected allies. It’s a fun, classic take on and old Batman chestnut, and sets up years of great stories in the sequels.


The first BioShock sat on our list of top 25 plot twists, as the end of the story reveals that you may not have been in control all along. In the game, you’re exploring the underwater city of Rapture as Jack, guided by competing voices who are both allegedly helping you along the way. As it turns out, Atlas, one of the voices, is forcing you to complete tasks using a hypnotic trigger phrase. Would you kindly remember how great that twist was? Adding such a fun, twisty story to an already fun game to play elevated it to another level.

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