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The third game in the BioShock series took to the skies of Columbia, for a poignant story of class wars that works as remarkably prescient social commentary. It’s hard to discuss such advanced and mature topics in a video game about shooting things, but Infinite pulls it off through an innovative use of alternate timelines and “Infinite” worlds. Get it? Like the first game in the series, there are a couple of massive twists about the main characters in this game that you should only find out about by experiencing them yourself. Go play this game, now.


The story of Tim trying to save a princess from a monster is not nearly as simple as it seems. Told in a twisted timeline, Braid unravels piece by piece as you solve puzzles in the game. There are some crazy twists to the story, but the fact the story can be interpreted several ways, and the way fans have looked for deeper meaning in it is what really sells it. It’s a deconstruction of the classic video game structure (and a fun game, too).


Look, we like crazy, twisty, time travel-involved stories here, OK? There’s something so simplistic and pure about the story of Chrono Trigger, told through a time-hopping lens, that makes it memorable and beloved. Your story unfolds across thousands of years, following many fantasy and sci-fi tropes, but never gets too confusing to follow. Chrono Trigger is also funny, often taking moments to laugh at its own ridiculous and over-the-top story elements.

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