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Washington state is home to some of the premier hiking regions in the United States. The local evergreen trees grow is such abundance that Washington has earned the moniker, “The Evergreen State.” An incredible 52% of the state is forestland, which includes three National Parks and nine National Forests. The best thing about Washington is that you can find any environment your heart desires.

The east side of the state is a dry desert climate with rich agricultural soil, the western edge of Central Washington has the renowned Cascade Mountain Range that locals identify as the dividing line between Eastern and Western Washington, and the west side of the state has a rain forest with an extensive island chain that leads to British Columbia and the Pacific Ocean. Washington is the jewel of the Pacific Northwest, and these are the best hiking regions in The Evergreen State.


The Colville National Forest has the best hiking east of the mountains. Colville is in Northeastern Washington near the Idaho and Canadian borders. This region was formed roughly 10,000 years ago when glaciers carved into the earth and created the valleys of the Columbia Basin.

The Columbia River separates the Colville National Forest into two separate sections: the east section near the town of Colville, and the western section that is connected to the north end of the massive Colville Reservation. Although the Colville Reservation is connected to the National Forest, the two areas are run by a different agency and may require different permits. The best hikes in the region are the Hall Mountain Trail on the east side of the forest, and the Sherman Peak Loop Trail in the west.

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