Top 8 of Canada’s Best High Adrenaline Hikes

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Canada’s greatest wonder is her natural beauty. From scaling cliffs to meandering through valleys, the vast wilderness and varied terrain makes our nation one of the most coveted countries in the world for hiking enthusiasts. No surprise here that we’re a nation of outdoor enthusiasts.

With the arrival of spring we wanted to celebrate the hikes that get the hearts racing; trails that include the thrill of scrambling. With routes ranging from easy through hard, here are ten of Canada’s most rewarding, adrenaline-inducing hikes.

1. Montana Mountain

Carcross, Yukon

Credit: Yukon Government / D Crowe
Length: 9 km
Time: 3-4 hours
Difficulty: Moderate
Elevation Gain: 618 metres

This historic mining road was built by pioneers (including the real Sam McGee, immortalized in the classic poem The Cremation of Sam McGee) in the early 1900’s to supply material for the Mountain Hero tramway. Today, the route from the Sam McGee Trail to Mountain Hero is a challenging yet rewarding hike, with loose stone, tricky climbs and steep sections. Keep an eye out for mountain bikers, who frequently utilize the trail.

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