Travel Photography Insurance [with free PDF to avoid upsets]

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The one that covers all your belonging, in any circumstances, including your laptop, your tablet, your mobile and possibly your drone. This should happen at a reasonable cost.

And when the deal seems too good to be true then you should check the small letters, and that is what I have been investigating in the last few years as I got burnt in the past, but I will not in future (hopefully)

Most importantly, I am not a broker and I do not make money in presenting (not suggesting) one or the other options. I wrote this post about an insurance for Travel Photography based on my past experience.

To avoid bad surprises I have also built a spreadsheet you can open and download for free. I have saved it also as a PDF file in case you want to print it.

It will help to list all of your gear and have straight away an idea of the insurance cost. I have listed also a few insurance companies for a few countries, most notably Australia and USA.

All you read has been updated to this year

How to determine the best Travel Photography Insurance policy?

How many times I was asked if I have a photo equipment insurance and which one gives the best price.

The reality is that, like any other insurances, it really depends on what you need and if travel photography generates money.

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